Who I Work With…

I work with men and women who feel overwhelmed and at the end of their tether with pain or fatigue –
they know that something is not right, but are unsure about what to do next.

What my clients DO know is that they need to find themselves again  – find their heart – so that they are able to flourish and shine with energy and confidence in all aspects of their life.

  • You may be feeling overwhelmed by the speed of your life – the pressures of your everyday from work, the kids and everything in-between – is making you feel heavy and unable to make decisions with confidence or focus. You want to be able to slow down and enjoy the ‘moments’ and know that you are making the best choices you can in all you do with surety and ease.
  • You may be in constant pain and feel like you can’t cope any more. When your stress gets to the point where your body starts to give in, it is like you are in a deep, dark hole and unable to climb out.. your body is screaming for help, but you need support and guidance to move again.. for your body to feel free and energized.
  • You may just know that ‘something is not right’ at the moment – you can’t put your finger on it, but you are loosing your temper too often, your headaches are becoming more frequent, or your shoulder pain just won’t go away and your digestive system is giving you grief… You want to address the each separate issue within the ‘whole you’... to find the common link that will enable your body mind and spirit to feel ‘right’ again – to feel yourself again.
  • You may be experiencing anxiety that is effecting your every waking moment and have no idea how not be afraid any more. It is difficult to work, interact with your kids and partner or to simply stop the noise in your head. You want to live your live with confidence and freedom, knowing that your heart is leading the way, so that you feel joy and open-hearted in all you do.

Clients are likely to be successful with me:

if they are ready to allow the time and space necessary for their healing – for their heart to shine through their fear or exhaustion or pain – which will enable their courage and stillness to guide and help transform them, so that they can live the life they long for.

if they are willing to be supported to make the changes that are necessary to their diet, their mindset or to break habits or change thought patterns so that their goals can be reached and they can live the life they desire with the energy and peace..

So, these are the kinds of clients I work with, the issues I help them with and what my clients need to do to be successful… Now, how do I work?

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“I went to Lisa for the first time to try to figure what was holding me back in my work. Although I was passionate enough and wanted to get things done I found for some reason I was constantly putting them off. I had a serious case of procrastination! I have to say I had little idea of what to expect but Lisa’s calm, soothing manner and caring approach put me at ease straight away and I was amazed by the depth of information she got from my body through her muscle testing.  She then took me to a whole other place where I had visions of myself holding on to a fear I didn’t even realise I had and no wanting to let it go.  Lisa was able to gently guide me through this process and my transformation was profound! I feel so lucky to have such a gifted healer in our midst.  With much love and gratitude.”


You will feel united in body, mind and spirit.

The clarity you long for is attainable,

The beautiful heart you protect is set free,

The burden of pain is released.  

Together, we will see past the physical and immediate – into your subconscious and healing potential.

The stress you are experiencing may be resulting in you living with any of these symptoms..

Physical Stress

Your stress may be showing in your BODY – together we can ease the symptoms in your body and bring you into well-being, feeling calm and able to move more freely.

The physical symptoms Kinesiology can help may include:

Chronic and Acute Pain




Hormonal Imbalances

IBS & other digestive problems

Auto-immune Disease


Brain Function


Sleep disorders

Emotional Stress

Your stress may be showing in your EMOTIONAL world, together we can ease the symptoms and bring you into well-being, feeling calmer and more able to cope in your life.

What Emotional symptoms that Kinesiology can help with may include:




Uncontrollable Anger


Unresolved Grief


Overbearing Shame

Incessant Worry

Feeling ‘not right’

Self-sabotage problems

Spiritual Stress

Your stress may be manifesting in your SPIRIT, together we can ease your symptoms and bring you into well-being – feeling calm, in flow and in balance.

The Spiritual symptoms Kinesiology can help with may include:

Feeling lost

Feeling off balance

Feeling ‘not right’

Lack of confidence

Feeling Closed-off

Feeling like you don’t belong

Lack of Boundaries

Self Value/worth

Loss of Hope

Lack of Courage

Difficulty Trusting your own instincts

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