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Live Your Truth.

Lisa Cohen

Welcome to In2Balance Kinesiology

in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Discover Yourself.

Remember Your Heart.

Lisa Cohen

I help women and men who are confused and at the end of their tether….

…At the end of their tether with pain – feeling exhausted and confused because they know they aren’t living their best life.

I help them find themselves again, so that they can live feeling energized, confident and free.

When we have so much on our plate, it’s easy to ignore the pain in our life – we feel pushed and pulled in all directions, unsure if we will ever feel ourselves again! We feel isolated and unsure how to re-connect with life.

I help my clients live their life feeling energised and confident, so that they can live each day with ease, clarity and freedom – no longer controlled by pain, overwhelm or fear.


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My Clients:

  • Feel calm in body, mind and spirit – at ease with themself and all aspects of their life.
  • Re-claim themself and allow their Heart to shine, so that they feel energised and confident in all their decisions and actions.
  • Know the Inner peace and stillness that enables connection to those close to them and thus feel empowered to live their life the way they have desired for so long.
  • The physical reactions to their stress is calmed and eased – pain, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems are calmed and balanced so they feel at ease and energised.
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I am Lisa Cohen, a Holistic Kinesiologist and Mind, Body, Medicine Practitioner who is a trained and experienced counselor, based in Dee Why, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Kinesiology works very quickly and when combined with counseling, we can get to the root of the problem quickly. My clients are always amazed and delighted about how great they feel when they leave, and what a difference it makes to their lives…

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“Lisa’s energy and know-how is so nourishing so exactly what I needed. 

I’m not sure where to begin in reviewing her wonderful therapy.  Lisa has a softness and yet working with her we get right into the tough murky areas, which we need to look at in order to transform and move forwards in life.  Her belief in everything and connection to source, god, the everything around – is the basis of what I feel allows Lisa to hold this space for transformation.  If you are called dear readers, follow that calling and you will be held well with Lisa…”


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Working with Lisa will bring you into calm, flow & balance..

What is calm, flow & balance?


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In our busy word, life can be non-stop and overwhelming! You may be filled with anxiety, or feeling uncertain.. You may be in the midst of grief or illness or trauma or depression…Your mind may be racing and your body exhausted.

The first step in any appointment with Lisa is to CALM the stress – to bring space and silence into your body, mind and spirit.  You will find calm, inner peace and quiet, so that you can breathe again and find rest.


When all we know is exhaustion or pain, it’s difficult to move ahead with ease... You may be feeling stuck or paralyzed… You may be experiencing chronic illness…Maybe your digestive system is not happy… Or maybe you simply want to feel energized again…

In your appointment with Lisa, the next stage is to enable your Qi/energy to flow, so that you can move with energy and freedom in all aspects of your life.


When your not living the life you desire, you may feel lost and unsure... You may be unable to focus or stay on task… And you may find it hard to cope with our load… Or you may have experienced a shock or trauma and can’t re-balance?

The final step in your appointment with Lisa is to find balance within yourself… You will find your center – your HEART once again, so that you can be your true-self, with strength and joy.

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My Blog is regularly updated and filled with articles and observations on health, wellbeing and more….

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The Sounds of Sunflowers – my personal poetry – my personal observations, my heart and soul in each one.

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