Hello, I’m Lisa Cohen.

It is difficult to build a picture of
who I am in a few sentences – I am a mix
of light and dark, sun and moon, spirit
and earth, joy and sadness.

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a
Sister, a Friend, a Workmate, a Healer,
a Neighbour, a Child of God, and a Wild

I find immense joy in and through my
children, my relationships and my faith.
My life is filled with privilege and
gratitude as I sit with and walk with
others on the journey that we call Life.

Why Holistic Kinesiology?

In the late 1990’s I began my journey on the ‘healing path’ – I studied counselling at Anglican Counselling in Sydney, which led to a Counselling Degree at Tabor College, also in Sydney. It was while being with many clients, I discovered that our emotions are held in our bodies, and that our physical health directly relates to our emotional and spiritual health.

I was whisked away from counseling when I started a family, and have two beautiful children. During this time I was introduced to Alternative Therapies – including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Energetic Medicine. What ensued was an eye opening experience and revelation – the ability to access the physical, the emotional and the spiritual as one – thus beginning my journey into Complimentary Medicine and Holistic Kinesiology.

Since leaving school, my working life has been in the Broadcast Television industry in Australia. I have had many wonderful experiences and opportunities given to me – working on four Olympic Games for example. My work in Broadcast Television includes manipulating and altering frequencies of many kinds – light, colour and sound.

Holistic Kinesiology also alters frequencies – but these are the frequencies of your body, emotions and spirit. When we are healthy and in balance, our frequencies are in tune and flowing freely. When out of balance, our frequencies and Qi are noisy and blocked.

I love the work of Holistic Kinesiology as it enables me to guide and work with your individual frequencies, to bring you into Calm, Flow and Balance.

If you are interested in working with me to bring calm and confidence
to your heart, take a look at the SERVICES I offer.. click here..


Diploma Holistic Kinesiology

Diploma Mind Body Medicine

B.A. – Christian Counselling

Member AKA

Member ATMS

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