Case Studies…

Ange came to see me to find relief from past physical and emotional trauma that was impacting negatively in her life and she didn’t know what to do anymore… She felt dead inside and really wanted to fell safe and alive.

She had recently started seeing a new boyfriend who treated her with respect and care.. for the first time in her life! Her past traumas were really impacting on her ability to intimately connect with her new boyfriend.

We worked on clearing the trauma and fear trapped in her body (experienced through pain and posture changes). We also addressed and cleared the negative beliefs Ange had created about herself as a result of her past trauma.

Within three sessions, there was a change in her posture, changes in self-belief and she was able to experience the enjoyment in physical intimacy she so wanted.

Ange had found herself again – had found her heart once again – she was able to feel safe in her skin and able to live her life with ease and confidence – with her heart in the lead, not her fear..

Ange*, 24yrs

Karen came to see me because she was experiencing headaches at the same time each day for months.. she had been to many specialists and taken a lot of prescription pain killers, but Karen really wanted to get to the bottom of her pain.

Karen was experiencing a lot of stress in her life and was also in the middle of menopause and so longed to focus and release whatever her body was holding onto that was so damaging to her.

In the first appointment we were able to discover the underlying sub-conscious stress that had been carried within her for years… We were able to address the fears, clear the stresses and belief around them, and so enable Karen to leave feeling much calmer and clear in her whole self.

The next time Karen came for an appointment, she told me that she had not had one headache since that first appointment. We continued to discover and clear old habits of thought and speech and action, so that she could live more in the present and feel free from her past…

Karen is now living her life with clarity and focus and feeling more balanced through her menopause journey.

Karen*, 57yrs

Lily came to her first Kinesiology appointment looking for relief from her anxiety. which she had been experiencing for 1 year.

Lily had fallen out with her best friend and was having ‘explosive’ arguments with her mother over seemingly small issues – Lily was looking to find steadiness and confidence in her own skin again.

After a few sessions Lily found her heart again – she re-discovered what activities and thought patterns helped her feel calm and confident again.

Lily is once again able to mix with her friends and family with a calm heart and true confidence in herself, so that she can live with focus and energy for what she loves.

Lily*, 15yrs old

Helen originally came to see me because she was simply exhausted and couldn’t focus on tasks in her life. She was eating too much, not allowing herself time in amongst the ‘kids time’, the ‘partner time’ and the ‘work time’….she was feeling left out and knew she needed to make time for herself too.

We worked on Helen’s belief systems around ‘self-care’ and even her back pain, so that she was able to understand how those beliefs impacted on her physically… and we were able to calm the stresses around ‘being so busy’…

Once Helen was feeling more energised and focused we were able to work on other issues in her life – one being her Sleep Apnea which she required to use a mask at night to sleep… except that she couldn’t because of a deep fear about anything being on her face or head. Together we were able to discover the source of her fear, we re-framed those experiences locked in her sub-conscious, and calmed the trauma associated with them, so she could get the help she needed to sleep again.

Today, Helen is sleeping like a baby, able to focus on tasks throughout her day and feels energised and important in her own life.

Helen*, 41 yrs old

James came to me feeling confused, angry and completely lost in his life. He had no idea how his life had turned out this way… his second marriage erupting, his kids taken interstate and an AVO out against him…

The first session with James saw us calming the beast inside him.. allowing his heart to surface and soften… His homework was simply – ‘heart work’.. walking in the local nature reserve – listening and connecting to all that was around him.

The second and subsequent sessions allowed James the safety and space to find what the triggers were to his anger, to his un-ease in life… We were able to clear these fears and old beliefs from his body and sub-conscious… James simply wanted to be able to enjoy life again, to ‘let go of fear and embrace love and success..”

Today, James is living his life with passion, compassion – his reactions have changed, his perspectives have changed and his ability to cope under stress have changed – to enable him to be more at ease and balanced in all aspects of his life. He has a great relationship with his children, he is in a new relationship and living his life with passion and creativity.

James is still coming in for a ‘Balance’ with me on occasion, but now it is for maintenance, not adrenal emergency… for support in living his heart choices, not purely lifting him out of the bog he was in.

James*, 46 yrs old

Sophie came to see me 8 months after major surgery. She had not been able to recover the way she was expected to – there was still a lot of pain in her body, she always felt exhausted and teary, being at work was extremely hard, and life just was not how she expected it t be. She felt like a stranger in her own body!

We worked together to calm the stress in and around her wound, in and around her energy systems and also throughout her belief systems – what was informing her of how she ‘should be’.

After only a few sessions Sophie was able to let go of the ‘should-s’ in her life. was able to see how her long held familial patterns of behaviour were not helping her heal, but indeed hindering her healing process.

Sophie was able to accept herself being needy – needing help in the home and at work, and also needing to change how she ‘did’ her life.

After three sessions together, Sophie felt more energised, more at ease, more comfortable in her skin and able to make better decisions regarding her ongoing health improvement. Today Sophie is swimming, doing yoga and has even left the job that she found so hard – she is living her live with energy, vigour and confidence.

Sophie*, 51 yrs old

Emma came to experience Kinesiology because she was at a real cross-roads in her life and feeling overwhelmed about what was next for her. Emma had been through the cancer journey, and come out the other side with a much effected body; her marriage had dissolved and she was now a single mother with multiple possibilities but was so very fearful of not being enough for her new life.

Emma so wanted to feel more energetic and centred. We worked together to clear the fears and the trauma from her body, mind and spirit – the anger, the feelings of betrayal and the fear were all re-framed to allow choices from her heart, for the first time in a long while.

Emma is now living her life knowing that she is enough for the life she desires, that she can create the truth in her life through a combination of intention and action, and more importantly does not live in fear anymore, but from her heart with energy, confidence and balance.

Emma*, 40 yrs old

Jucinta originally came to see me because she was experiencing multiple painful Sinus infections. Jacinta had been to GP’s and specialists with no positive results. The pain from her sinus was impacting on her life so that she was not leaving her house as regularly as normal.

Jacinta was also experiencing dizzy spells and was feeling jumpy and afraid about the decisions she needed to make in her life. She wanted to feel energetic, clear, and courageous again.

We worked together to discover the underlying stresses around her pain and her unsteady feelings, and we discovered she was feeling the power from the words of her parents so many years ago… we were able to re-frame these memories and programmed responses in her sub-conscious, so that she could make decisions based on the present, not from the past.

Jucinta is now living her life with courage, focus and with the ability to re-frame her many memories so that she can feel gratitude and forgiveness, rather than fear or being off balance.

Jucinta*, 75 yrs old

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