How I Work…

You will discover your treasure within – your heart – so that you can live your truly unique life with creativity, integrity and trust.

Your hearts desires will be unified with your physical movement and your emotional reactions.

  • We will discover the stress behind your overwhelm – the long held fears or expectations that have enjoyed their time in the sun for too long! We will calm the physical reactions, the emotional reactions and the sub-conscious responses to your stress overload. We will calm the beast inside and find the space you need to nurture and care for yourself, so that you will be newly energized and the best version of you in all aspects of your life.
  • We will discover the stress behind your chronic and on-going pain – your body is yelling at you that there is something it wants to say…We will discover the long-held beliefs or emotions or thought patterns that are the antithesis of your true heart, that have been caught in your body for so long.. We will calm these stresses, release them, and bring energy flow back to your body so that you will move with ease and confidence.
  • We will discover what is lying behind you ‘not feeling right’.. We will discover the underlying stresses or beliefs or emotions behind your headaches or back pain or hormonal imbalance or anger or digestive issues – all within your whole picture… we will defuse, resolve and release that which is holding you back, or causing stagnation or blockages or effecting the physiological systems of your body.
  • We will discover the sub-conscious stresses behind your anxiety – When your mind seems to be doing it’s own thing, when you are experiencing anxiety that seems to control your every moment, we will calm your mind, find stillness within that will enable the courage to address the fears and physical reactions, so that you will live from your heart, with confidence.

My Values, Philosophy and Approach:

I work with all aspects of your self – your physiological, emotional and metaphysical systems, for they all make up the ‘whole you’ – each one needs to be addressed to enable calm in all you do, so that you feel your energy flow and be balanced in all aspects of your life.

We will work together to ‘calm the beast inside‘, to bring your whole self into wellness and unity of purpose.

You may have explored many ‘medical models’ and are at the end of our tether – you just want someone to take your symptoms seriously.

THAT IS WHAT I DO BEST – calm the stress around your symptoms and bring peace to all aspects of your life.

You will feel whole again…you will feel united in body, mind and spirit

You will feel yourself again…You will feel energized, focused and inspired.

I can think of nothing better than to help you feel empowered, to flourish and shine in all aspects of your life, so that your experience health and wholeness in calm, flow and balance…

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