Support and Nurture for Winter Rest and Restoration.

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It’s been a tough few years, and a tough year and a tough time right now… and with each blow, disappointment or sadness your heart may harden a little, may crack wider or bruise deeper…

You need to welcome your heart back with warmth and the promise of nurture… your heart needs to feel safe to open again.. you need to give yourself time and compassion to help strengthen and bring vitality back to your heart space.

And, so…

Welcome to your Winter Rest and Restoration!

Our winter body needs support to be healthy, with a strong immune system, and so does our heart space. We need to release toxins, ingest healthy and nutritious options and we need to rest and revitalise.

That is exactly what this time together will be – a time to support your Heart Space immune system… to be aware of the toxins or unhealthy habits held inside… to bring clarity and energy to what your Heart Space needs… and to support your incredibly beautiful Heart Space to shine with Warmth and Gratitude.

On Sunday 19th June 2022, at 3.30-5pm, in Dee Why, Lisa will be hosting this time for you – to rest into, to be nurtured for, and to revitalise your Winter Heart Space.

Winter is traditionally a time to go inward, to hibernate, and rest and restore… our busy lives don’t often let us live in this seasonal way, and so it is necessary to make time that allows this slowing and rest.

Join me on Sunday 19th June – give yourself the time and nurture you need so that your Winter Heart Space can begin to rest and restore, to revitalise and to heal.

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What will we do?

With a combination of any of the following, Lisa will guide you into your Winter Heart Space with gentleness and fun – meditation, acupressure, essential oils, card reading, questing, tea ceremony and more.

The amazing Amanda Pittas, of Nutritional Balance in Collaroy, will also be sharing some tips, recipes and ideas for our winter immune strength.. to bolster our body and our Heart Space.

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11/9-10 Fisher Rd, Dee Why.


Sunday, June 19th. 3.30pm-5pm.

How to join in?

Secure your seat that is waiting for you here…

I am so looking forward to supporting you and your Winter Heart Space,


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