Remote or Distant Kinesiology Sessions

Lisa Cohen distance healing kinesiology‘Remote’ or ‘Distance’ Kinesiology is termed such when you and I are in different locations. The actual distance between us is unimportant – we could be in different suburbs, states or countries.

‘Remote or Distance’ Kinesiology is just as effective and powerful as in-person appointments. Whether it is pain, anxiety or general well-being that brings you to Distance Kinesiology, you will notice the change in mind, body and spirit very quickly.

What is Remote or Distance Kinesiology?

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Even though we are in different locations, we will work toward your intended goal – it is our ‘intention’ that makes the change and the healing possible and real.

Through deeper awareness within Quantum Physics, modern science is beginning to explain the phenomenon that most ancient civilisations have known for millennia – that energetic healing is real, powerful, long-lasting and outside linear time/space – the perfect Kinesiology partner!

How does Remote or Distant Kinesiology work?

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Remote or Distance Kinesiology appointments work in the same way  as an ‘in-person’ appointment – we will still use Ancient traditional healing modalities and modern Western Science Practices.

Kinesiology uses ‘muscle monitoring’ to easily and simply access your subconscious, and so discover what is holding you back from living the life you desire – in a remote session, I will surrogate for your muscles – meaning I will use my muscles to reach your subconscious!

“..everything is energy & that’s all there is to it…there can be no other way…this is physics..” (Albert Einstein).

So, we reach each other through connected energy and quantum fields – I connect to your energy, use my own muscles in place of yours and so am able to discover the blockages, fears, stagnation that needs addressing for your goal to be reached.

I will use a combination of any of the following, but not exclusively:

  • Acupressure and Meridian Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Flower Essences and Essential oils as from many traditional cultures
  • Light, Sound and Colour therapies from traditional and modern theories.
  • Work based in modern metaphysical and epigenetic theories as well as energy work from more traditional systems.
  • Mindfulness, Visualizations and Focusing are used within the modern Counselling theories of our work together.
  • Posture assessments or Brain Function assessments may be used to guide and inform a Balance.

We will connect via Zoom, Face-time or Skype, and discuss your stress and how you would like to be different and then get to work – calming your stress, bringing energy flow to your whole system and balancing your mind, body and spirit to the goal you desire.

Afterwards you will be feeling more energised, calm and confident around your goal and will find it so easy to assimilate into your daily life.

For more specific information about how we will work together, so you feel more energised, calm and confident… click here!

Why choose Remote or Distant healing?

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You may want to choose a Distance Kinesiology Appointment if:

  • you live too far from my clinic space to come in person… interstate or internationally.
  • you are sick or otherwise physically impaired..
  • you are a Carer and unable to leave your charge…
  • you simply want to experience the magic of Kinesiology in a new way!

What others have said about remote appointments with me…

I have been having kinesiology sessions with Lisa for about a year, and have been very happy with the results.  With the Government restrictions on social distancing, I tried the experience of a remote session.  I found it just as beneficial as a face to face session.  Due to the nature of kinesiology therapy, it works very well by proxy.  Crystals and flower essences can be placed on the table (bed?) in the same spot that my body would normally be lying on.  Lisa can ask me to hold certain meridian points on my own body as she performs the same action on hers.  With the video connection, she can see how I am going – whether I need some time to assimilate an energy shift, or if I seem unsure about something she has said, and so on.  I would definitely recommend giving remote sessions a try!

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