Radiant You!

Spring Package

Spring Synergy reset nurture

What a year 2020 has been, and it’s easy to be filled with anxiety, stress, pain and confusion.

Are you feeling sluggish and heavy from your 2020 slog?

Would you like to feel energized and light as spring begins?

Let go of the stress and confusion you are holding

  • You can thrive and be energised and move with ease.
  • Feel good about yourself and confident in all you do.
  • Feel supported and pampered so that you can find calm and energy.
  • Blossom and flourish in all areas of your life!

You CAN!

HOw to thrive through Covid 19 Northern Beaches

This RADIANT YOU! SPRING PACKAGE is just what you need!

Re-energize for spring – a time to shed the winter blues, look into your dreams and set your intention for spring, so that you can move forward with calm, confidence, and freedom!

What is included in your RADIANT YOU! Spring PACKAGE…

  • 3 x One Hour Kinesiology sessions over 6 weeks (to be taken in your own time over the six weeks).
  • 2 x FREE Essential Oils to support and strengthen your RADIANT YOU!

The FIRST Session will include:

  • Setting your intention and goal for spring.
  • Discovering and releasing what feeds your stagnation and anxiety.
  • You will feel calm and grounded, ready to enact the change you desire.
  • Creating your first FREE individually created essential oil blend.

The SECOND Session will include:

  • Releasing the fears and blocks holding you in overwhelm.
  • Calming your mind and body into unity of purpose and desire.
  • Energising your mind, body and spirit into the abundance of Spring blossoming.

The THIRD Session will include:

  • Balancing your whole self, in mind, body and spirit into unity and abundant radiance!
  • Creating your SECOND FREE individually created essential oil blend.
  • Setting a three step, personalised, strategy to enhance and support your RADIANT goals through spring.

All this for only $350!

Purchase your RADIANT YOU! PACKAGE here!

I am Lisa Cohen from In2Balance Kinesiology in Collaroy, Sydney.

I work with men and women who are at the end of their tether with pain or simply that life is not what they want – I help them to find themselves again, to find their heart, so that thy can live with confidence, calm and ease.

You will feel energized and inspired –  flourishing and ready to blossom as you radiantly step into spring!

I so look forward to helping you flourish, feel energised and allow your radiant heart to thrive!


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