International Women’s Day/Week

International Womens day Northern beaches

Walk In Her Shoes 2020!

March 2-8, 2020

I have always believed that the equality of women is such a powerful imperative in my life – not just because I am one, but because equality is the key to peace and balance in our world, and our hearts.

As a young woman I fought in a male dominated industry to be heard and taken seriously. I was ‘that’ woman that took down the posters of naked women from the workspace cupboard doors (not torn down, but with care, so the men could take them home!). I was ‘that’ woman who fought the system regarding equal pay. I was ‘that’ woman who fought against the men touching me (and worse) and others in the workplace…

So, when the opportunity comes for me to help other women – both here and overseas – I grab that chance!

Here in Australia, we live in such a privileged place and time in the world – we can mostly live freely and with some semblance of equality.

In other places around the globe, that it not so…
Women have to walk for many km’s to get water!
Women have little or no access to education.
Women are subjugated as second class status…

So, I have signed up for

– a CARE fundraising venture to bring awareness and money to those women around the world less equal than us…. and I would love you to be part of it too!

I would  love the In2Balance Kinesiology tribe to join together in this venture!

The idea is that I/we (!) walk 10,000 steps each day from March 2-8 – (the week leading up to International Women’s Day (March 8th) and get sponsored for it.

I have created a group for us to fundraise jointly… my aim is for $1000 (more would be great!).

I will be walking each morning of March 2-8 at 6.15-6.45 at Collaroy Beach to start the day with steps, gratitude, community, laughter and mindfulness.

You are welcome to join me each/any morning, or walk your own steps in your own time/location. I will meet at the Surf Club.

After our last walk together on the 8th, we will celebrate International Women’s day with a  celebration of mindfulness and gratitude and call in the power that our Yin energy, our moon energy and our innate knowing can access.

I would love you to join me in the ‘Steps’ and raise some money….
…or please simply sponsor my steps!

For more information, to sign up or to donate, simply go to:

In2Balance Kinesiology International Womens day Northern beaches

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