Virtual Fireside Support & Gathering on WhatsApp

A weekly intuitive reading and related meditation for you.

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You feel like you need more on-going support, but you have little time and cash…

You need a weekly message directly to your phone messaging that is easy to listen to at your convenience, value for money AND supports you just the way you need.

When life is so busy, and it’s hard to find time for you… you feel scattered and it’s hard to connect all the parts of yourself… you find it hard to lift your energy on your own… it’s hard to feel inspired into your dreams and goals….and you don;t know how to change all of this…

Simply…you need ongoing support to feel uplifted, supported and inspired!

You CAN!

You can regroup and gather yourself to feel whole.. to feel uplifted and ready for anything… to feel courageous and able to stand in your power… to feel supported without the formality of appointments…

You CAN!

Join this Virtual Fireside Gathering for a WEEKLY intuitive reading and associated meditation, delivered via WhatsApp*, directly to your phone for easy and convenient listening and support.

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Delivered in a WhatsApp group, you will be with others virtually, gathering together virtually and be supported and lifted… virtually.

There is space for discussion amongst the Gatherers in the group, or simply remain a ‘silent parter’… it is your choice of engagement… your choice to listen only or listen and share… your choice!

Each week**, you will receive an intuitive card reading – a photo of the card and the associated reading, a voice recording of the reading and a short meditation associated to the specific reading.

This means that once a week you will be given a beautiful and supporting message that will appear on your phone.. as of by magic, as if sitting around a fire with others, as if a little fairy dropped a nugget of wisdom and joy in your lap…

You can listen just once, you can listen each day, you can listen when ever you want, however many times you want!

All this for only $10 a week – paid monthly… so….

only $40 per month…

Click here to purchase your month of the Virtual Fireside Gathering.

Click here to register your number for the WhatsApp Virtual Fireside Gathering.

Lisa will support you, bring joy and energy to your week, so that you can stand up straight, feel energised and peaceful throughout your week.

(If you join the Virtual Fireside Gathering on WhatsApp, Lisa will need your phone number and email address… so you will need to be happy to share that information with Lisa… this information will be for the sole purpose of this WhatsApp group and will NOT be shared anywhere else.)

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I look forward to Gathering with you on WhatsApp!


*You musty have the WhatsApp loaded onto your device of choice. This is free and easily accessible in any app store for either Apple or Android.

** Beginning June 2022.

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