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Are you feeling sluggish and heavy from your winter slog?

Would you like to feel energized and inspired as spring begins?

Before spring hits, let go of all the stress and frustration you are carrying so you can feel light and energised and move with ease. Interact with joy laughter! Feel good about yourself and confident in all you do. Feel supported and pampered so that you can rest and find calm.

Blossom and flourish in all areas of your life!

You CAN!

You can find time just for you…in a place where you feel calm, so that you can let go of your stress and be guided into your beautiful heart center…

Spring Mini-Retreat

You want to be pampered – for your body, mind and spirit to be led into a beautiful calm space that will enable your heart to feel heard and your winter imaginings to become a reality. Time to focus on yourself with no distractions -no kids, no housework, no emails… all in an idyllic location, close to home!

FLOURISH INTO SPRING is just what you need! Time to re-energize for spring – a time to shed the winter blues, to look into your dreams and set your intention for spring, so that you can move forward with calm, confidence, and freedom!

What will be included in the ‘Flourish Into Spring’

  • Time without distraction (or guilt) – to focus solely on you and your spring energy!
  • A beautiful, safe environment to feel yourself again, to speak with truth, move with mindfulness and dream without limits.
  • Qi Gong movement techniques so you can release winter from your bones and welcome in the energy and suppleness of spring.
  • Beautiful and enriching Sattwa Skincare products to support the blossoming journey of your mind, body and spirit – so that your whole self feels pampered and calm.
  • Create a personalized Sattwa Skincare Spring Hand CreamUsing the very best essential oils, and the incredibly nourishing Sattwa Skincare Cream (valued at $20) – yours to take with you to continue and support your blossoming transformation.
  • A calming and restorative sound bath – to support and transform your amazing shift in energy.

All this for only $90!

I am Lisa Cohen from In2Balance Kinesiology in Collaroy, Sydney.

I work with men and women who are at the end of their tether with pain or simply that life is not what they want – I help them to find themselves again, to find their heart, so that thy can live with confidence, calm and ease.

It fills my heart to collaborate withe Sattwa Skincare and Cherie Vernon so I can share this Flourish Into Spring with you!

You will leave feeling energized and inspired – already flourishing and ready to blossom as you step into spring!

Northern Beaches Welness Retreat

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