Men’s Health Week

Online Gathering

8am June 20, 2020

Men – Live Calmer, Not Harder!

Men - live calmer not harder

With all that’s been thrown at you during 2020, are you exhausted and confused about about the best way forward, about how on earth you can feel settled or happy again?

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts effect your physical health?
Have you ever wondered how your physical health effects your mental health?

Here is a perfect opportunity, during the week that highlights Men’s Health, to explore, understand and engage with your Mind-Body Connection.

What is Mind-Body Connection?

Simply, your Mind-Body Connection is the interplay that your thoughts have on your physical body – ie: when you are angry, your heart rate increases, blood rushes to your head etc; or if your are fearful, your fight/flight response may kick in to increase your heart rate, pump blood to your limbs and away from your digestive tract….

  • What you think produces a physiological response….
  • Thoughts or feelings that stay with you create physiological habitual states…
  • Prolonged physiological states can alter your memory, beliefs and thoughts…

Why is this important for you?

All the systems in your body are designed to keep each other in balance, or homeostasis.. When one system is out of balance for a prolonged period, the other systems need to work harder to achieve homeostasis, which in turn may create fatigue, stress and even illness to within you.

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Men’s Health Week Online Gathering:

If you would like more information specifically about Men’s Health and how to “Live Calmer, not Harder”, then come to this online gathering hosted by Lisa Cohen, a leading Kinesiologist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

With your morning coffee we will chat and laugh, we will learn and discover, we will connect the dots between mental health and body health.

Who is hosting this Men’s Health Week event?

Lisa Cohen – a leading Holistic Kinsiologist based in Collaroy, Sydney. Lisa works with men who are feeling at the end of their tether – with pain, or simply that life is not what they want or imagined – and helps them to reclaim themselves and so live the life they want with ease and happiness.

  • Lisa will host and discuss how your thoughts effect your testosterone levels and the effect that will have on all areas of your life.

Guest Specialist: Aron Della Vedova – a renowned Naturopath from the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

  • Aron will discuss the importance of GUT HEALTH in the mind-body connection – for your whole self, well-being and mental health.

Guest Specialist: Martin Carson, Kinesiologist – “Nothing happens in isolation. Every part of you is connected to every other part of you. Any issue will have a ripple effect through you affecting your whole being: physically, emotionally and bio-chemically. My work combines all these elements to ensure your health has a far greater chance of being balanced.

  • Martin will discuss the effects of pain and injury on your mental health.

With Special Guest: Cameron Daddo –

will share his very own story of struggle and how his experiences led to the creation of  “Men ‘s Team”…

“Live Calmer, Not Harder” is a Zoom gathering at 8am –

for men of all ages, beliefs and stages in life – to learn, listen, be listened to, and discover effective tools that will help you feel your best and live your best life.

What is included:

  • 1hr of chat/discussion time
  • question time of up to 1/2 hr.
  • Bring a pen and notepad with you too.

How do I register to be a part of this morning Men’s Health Week coffee gathering?

Simply, click here to Register for the Zoom gathering.

Your Zoom information will be emailed to you and it’s that simple! All you have to do next is wake up in time, grab a morning cuppa… see you on the 20th!

You will leave feeling energized and inspired – ready and able to to live your best life!

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