Anxiety & Men – Information Hour…

Have you noticed that life isn’t so easy at the moment? You are filled with dread and so anxious about everything, all the time!

You want to feel like your old self – feeling happy, confident and moving freely in all you do.

Life gets so busy that you don’t even notice the signs of wear and tear… you’ve ignore the pain or the headaches, you’ve ignored the exhaustion and the sleepless nights… All you know is that each day seems a little harder and so much more of a struggle… then suddenly you can’t think without being so negative and fearful, you can’t move without your heart racing and your body whole body wanting to run away… you’ve completely lost your confidence in how to live any more and don’t know how to stop your run-away mind and body…

You want to discover what’s going on for you at the moment, and to know that your not alone in this struggle. You wnat to know the latest research in mind/body science that will help explain what is happening for you. You need to find a few simple strategies that will help you change from anxious to calm – so that you can feel more like yourself, and live the life you want.

Then this FREE evening information session about anxiety for men is perfect for you!

It’s so easy to drop in on your way home from work and then even be home in time for dinner!

I am Lisa Cohen, a Holistic Kinesiologist, who has also trained as a counsellor, and together we will look at :

  • The latest research into anxiety, what the mind-body connection is and why that’s important for you right now.
  • Group discussion so that you can be heard and so that you can listen to others.. You re not alone!
  • You will take home a few new strategies for change and support.
  • All this is an environment of safety, fun and trust.

Only 15 spaces available, so get in early!

I am happy to discuss with you any questions you have about this workshop…

email me at

I look forward to meeting you and beginning the journey toward a life of calm and happiness.


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