Awaken into your Heart

– space held just for you –

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Here is your opportunity to re-set into a restful heart, quiet mind and peaceful spirit!

You normally wait to make appointments with Lisa when you already feel out of balance and ‘not yourself’… feeling lost and in pain…

You need to plan and make the time to regularly maintain your mind, body and spirit well-being – so that there are no more ‘at the end of my tether’ appointments… no more ‘oh no. I can’t get in for weeks’….

This Beautiful Heart Container is just for you!

You are held by Lisa, in her expert way, in the space you need, for the goals desired.. with no thinking required… it just happens… as regular as clock work… all pre-booked, pre-paid and tailored specifically for you.

What is included for you?

  • 12 x1.5hr Kinesiology sessions (all to be taken within 1 calender year). All individually created & focused on YOU.
  • Individual essential oils or flower essences with each appointment.
  • Post-appointment emails containing readings and insights.
  • EFT Tapping session as one or more of the sessions, as desired/required.
  • Between session check-in using your personal WhatsApp chat.
  • Between session intuitive card reading – arriving into your personal WhatsApp chat.
  • First offers, and reduced price, to any workshops or Gatherings Lisa hosts.

Lisa will be your mentor, supporter and intuitive guide as you remain held and connected in mind, body and spirit, so that you can LET YOUR HEART SHINE, feeling safe and confident to be YOU in all your ‘perfectly-imperfect’, no matter what chaos is surrounding you.

What is the exchange for this jam-packed Container?


A savings of hundreds of $$$$!

Purchasing this Container, you will be:

  • living in calm, flow & balance for the rest of the year..
  • confident that you can move with ease through any challenge..
  • regularly supported by an Lisa, an expert mind-body medicine practitioner..
  • encouraged in your desires, dreams and intuition..
  • supported and coached to create new and lasting habits of mind, body and spirit…
  • a safe space, that allows you to be you – to grow, expand and be aligned with your heart in mind/body/spirit…
  • held and supported as you delve deeper into, releasing and replacing the toxic emotions, pain and intergenerational and/or personal trauma.
  • safe in your own heart space to improve self-love. self-worth and self-compassion.

What to do next?

Click here to purchase your Individual Container with Lisa.


Book in your first of 12 appointments here.

Or contact Lisa here to ask any questions that you might have.

I am thrilled to support you and walk with you as you Awaken Into Your Heart.


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