HSC Stress –

You CAN feel Calm, Focused and Confident for the HSC!


The time leading up to your HSC exams can be stressful and leave you loaded with anxiety, stress and insecurity.

Your mind cannot settle, your body agitated and your moods swinging all over…

You CAN feel light, settled and focused leading into your exams!

Join me for 45 minute Mindfulness sessions..

Monday and Thursdays at 11am from 21/9…right up to Nov 2nd!

On ZOOM for interactive participation, or LIVE on YouTube also.

You can choose to come once or twice a week…!

How will mindfulness help you for the HSC?

  • Mindfulness will calm your nervous system, enable you to be more present in the moment and not fearful of the future or worry about what you cannot change about the past.
  • Mindfulness can bring awareness to your thought patterns, and so help you to understand your stress a little better.
  • Mindfulness can help you understand how your thoughts and body reactions are linked and play with each other to create a perfect storm of stress, anxiety and lack of focus.
  • Mindfulness can help bring clarity, focus and confidence into your mind and body!
  • Learn strategies to help calm and settle your nerves when needed!

This is a perfect opportunity to support your own mental health leading up to and during your HSC!

These sessions will be held on Zoom – simply register, and an email zoom link will be sent directly to your inbox.

Starting on Mon, Sept 21st at 11am and Thurs 24th at 11am…

then weekly sessions untill the HSC is finished!

Open for anybody sitting for their HSC!
Bring a friend or two and together you will feel the benefits of mindfulness, and so will your results!


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