Calm, Flow, Balance

The priority in each appointment is to re-discover your ‘Calm”, to feel and know your energy “Flow” so that you can find your heart and be your authentic self in “Balance”.


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Life can be stressful! You may be filled with anxiety, or unable to focus.. you may be overly sensitive to stimuli.. The results of stress in your life can play out in your physical, emotional and spiritual being.

You may be living up to others’ expectations, or holding on to long held beliefs that do not work for you any more. You may be experiencing physical pain or chronic illness, or immune problems or hormonal imbalance…. You may be wondering where your path is or how to escape the situation you are in?

You want to feel calm in your mind, body and spirit so that you are in control and able to manage the chaos around you and so feel more like your true self.

A session with Lisa can help you calm the effects of your stress, find inner peace, breathe and feel yourself again.


Are you finding it difficult to move? Or are you feeling stagnant and unable to advance in the direction you want? Are you longing for the freedom to be your authentic self? All these concerns may play out in your physical body through chronic pain or illness; or in your emotions through anxiety or trauma or depression; or in your spirit when you are feeling scattered and unable to feel ‘the world is on your side’?

In a session with Lisa Cohen at In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, you will feel the Qi flowing through you once again. Your energy will flow and you will find freedom and graceful movement for your life.



Are you feeling scattered and unsure? Or bouncing from one activity to another without completion? You may be jumping at every sound or wondering where your authentic self has gone? Have you experienced a shock or trauma and finding it difficult to settle? You may feel dis-connected or your fuse is shorter than it used to be. Have you lost your confidence and feel restless and fearful in life?

At In2Balance Holistic Kinesiology you will find your centre and your core, so that you can once again stand firm, sure and connected. It is this ‘internal balance’ that will enable you to live your beautiful and authentic life that you long for, without distraction or fear.

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