– Well-Being Community Chats –

What is on your mind, and in your body…

Monthly, Monday evenings, Dee Why.

Grief, trauma, pain…

Mindfulness, mind-body connection, bio-feedback…

What is the connection? How do they relate? How can I change?

Your everyday concerns discussed in community…

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Well-Being is a term that covers oh so much – mind, body, emotions and even spirit health.

Bit as each day throws clangers to us, our ‘well0being’ can be shaken, disturbed and even destroyed.

Having a place that you can discuss, chat about, ask questions of and share your wisdom within a small group can be life-changing…

That is why I am hosting these ‘Well-Being’ chats…

Once a month, come to this relaxed and informal evening session where we will discuss the highs, lows, strategies and wisdoms of everyday life, so that you can feel stronger, wiser and more accepting….

What a great opportunity to come and experience the amazing power of a small group, in community and in wisdom… be informed, be amazed, be sure.

We will discuss any underlying issues, how they can be understood and cleared, and so make space for new and evolving beliefs, habits and perspectives…  to find your heart and restore your whole self, mind-body-spirit to your incredible innate wisdom.

Once a month, for an hour, come and see for yourself... there is no pressure to book an appointment, no pressure to do anything… except have an open and curious mind…

Each month will have a basic topic to talk and demonstrate around… including stress, grief, pain, anger, trauma, mind-body-spirit connection, joy, self-care…


August 1st – Grief

September 5th – trauma

October 3rd (TBA due to NSW school holidays) – pain

November 7th – parenting

What time?



In2balance Kinesiology

11/8 Fisher Rd, Dee Why.

I am asking for a donation (of your choosing) at the door to cover costs etc…

Please register your interest in the link below.

I look forward to exploring with you,


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